About Kyra

Kyra Haglund, MSW, SEP, E-RYT is a clinical social worker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, yoga teacher, and activist based in Los Angeles. She takes an integrative approach to therapy and social justice work, blending traditional psychotherapy, holistic arts, and somatic tools to support greater self-regulation and well-being.

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Somatic psychotherapy is a comprehensive approach to mental wellness that views the mind and body as a whole.

Somatic therapy integrates body-oriented processing with talk therapy to help process and discharge unresolved trauma. It directly addresses chronic tension patterns and unconscious behavioral responses that indicate where a client might be stuck in fight, flight, freeze, or collapse. Somatic therapy helps clients learn to track their sensory experiences and locate resources or sources of safety, grounding, centering, strength, calm and/or peace.

Individual & Group Therapy

My approach draws on traditional psychodynamic and cognitive interventions, mindfulness practices, and somatic psychotherapy.

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Through practice we can overcome physical and emotional trauma. Private or small group instruction is devoted to working with your individual needs as a practitioner. Taking place in your home, office or at a local studio.

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Success stories

Kyra helped me after my surgery when I had trouble breathing and sleeping through the night without pain. I don't like relying on prescription painkillers and Kyra's techniques allowed me to get through this period as naturally as possible. - Jenny LaNicca

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